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Bricks & Pavers

We carry a large inventory of antique bricks and pavers here at Vintage Flooring & Furniture. Most of our bricks are reclaimed from Warehouses or Cotton Mills we have dismantled. Many stories are connected with these buildings and one very interesting in particular concerning the bricks. You can check some of them out in Our Projects and also Historic Finds.


These bricks are much more solid (no holes) than new bricks you buy today, averaging about 4 lb. each. Many of them are made by hand using the very clay from the site where the building was located. Often times you will find the workers finger prints or initials carved into the soft clay before the brick was fired.

The beauty and quality of these bricks simply cannot be duplicated...and don't forget about the Historical Romance from an era of the past that you preserve when using these Beautiful Reclaimed Antique bricks and pavers in your project.


Audwin McGee Job - Florence, Alabama

Antique Bricks from Sweetwater Mill