the trees of the field

Furniture Built from Reclaimed Wood
Using Old-School Craftsmanship


Look closer at our products. We want you to see a quality that is very rare in manufacturing today. We are from the old school in building our products. Back when business was motivated by a spirit to give the customer more that they bargain for. Of course you can't stay in business without a profit, we know that. But our belief is focus on quality for the customer and the profits will follow.

Our furniture is solid through and through. What you see on top is the same that you don’t see on the bottom. We don't use cosmetic veneers.


We build our furniture with your Great Great Grandchildren in mind. Using our special bolt system and mortise and tenon joinery this furniture is guaranteed to stand up under normal use as long as you own it. True beauty comes from within and only comes with age, and don’t forget we started out with 100 year old wood.

Our secret 7 coat finishing process will reflect exquisite taste and provide an unusual conversation piece for generations to come. Optional finishes are also available.