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Buffalo Table

Buffalo Table

This table has proven to be one of our most admired pieces. Made of Reclaimed White Oak circa 1910, it is super stout and of heavy heavy construction. The wood was taken from an old cotton compress in the little southern town of Tupelo, Mississippi. In the old days it was a beehive of activity. It is said that local kids in the neighborhood wood play and often hangout as "helpers in waiting" for tips. Among them was a little boy about 9 years old that lived a few blocks east of the compress. The men favored using him because he was always ready and willing to work. One old fellow that worked there said you could hear them calling out his name often, "Elvis, over here…!" Um… I wonder…? Man, if these boards could talk.

Size: 84" x 39½" x 30" (approximately)      Shipping Weight: 200 Lbs. (approximately)