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Tupelo Hardware Guitar Table

Tupelo Hardware table

Tupelo Hardware

Tupelo Hardware

We've been reclaiming antique lumber from buildings across the country for many years. Some buildings have special interest attached to them - so we try to keep the story with the wood.

The lumber used to craft the tops of these amazing tables was purchased from Tupelo Hardware Company in Tupelo, Mississippi. And it definitely fits the special interest category!

Tupelo Hardware

Our town is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Tupelo Hardware is where Elvis and his Mother purchased the guitar that launched him on his iconic journey as one of the world’s greatest entertainers. Only 42 table tops will be handcrafted from the antique lumber, taken directly from the Tupelo Hardware Company building. Thus, we can offer this handcrafted, totally unique collection, “The Tupelo Hardware Guitar Table”.

Tupelo Hardware

Seats eight, 84” x 40”

Tupelo Hardware

Seats six, 72” x 38”

Tupelo Hardware

Round top, 50” or 55”, seats four to six


  • All tables are 36" high (counter height)
  • Solid wood guitar bases
  • The tabletops are 100-year-old-plus Yellow Pine taken from the historic Tupelo Hardware Company building. The customer has a choice of wood type for the table's base.
  • The bolts used in joinery are 3/4” x 10” and were taken from a building built in 1870.
  • Unless specified by customer, all base woods are antique, reclaimed wood.
  • Only 42 tables will be designed. All will be built to order for the customer. A logo name plate will be affixed to each table with its unique lot number.
  • Each table top will be tastefully branded “Tupelo Hardware Company” to prove its authenticity.
  • A certificate of authenticity will be issued to each customer.